Mexico City Vision Trip

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This past summer, GWI sent five team members to Mexico City, along with ICM (International Cooperating Ministries), on a vision trip to see how The Lord is working in this part of the world. They saw churches being built and blessed, communities coming together and prayers being answered. Please take a minute to read some of thier testimonies below. If you’d like to learn more about ICM, click here.

“Before embarking on this Journey I was afraid. I was leaving behind my 1yr old daughter which I had never been apart more than one night . The days leading up to this trip I cried asking myself if I was doing the right thing leaving her to go on this trip that Gulf Winds had given me the opportunity to be a part of. My husband was extremely supportive and encouraged me to go , he said I owed it to my daughter to go on this trip. This changed my outlook and I promised myself that I would open up my eyes and my heart . So many memories come to mind when I think of this trip. I had never felt so at peace with lord and myself during my visit. How the lord is everywhere even on the highest mountain in the middle of an open field he was there. The joy you felt when you arrived at churches and meeting the amazing people . I felt unworthy of their love and their hospitality at times. How can I ever re thank them. Having strangers open up to you as they gave you their testimony and how they manage to preserve no matter what their circumstances. Luis was one of the pastors and regional directors in Mexico that traveled with us on the entire trip. After the 2nd day of travel he begins to tell us how he lost his 7yr old daughter to a brain tumor. After hearing testimony after testimony of people saying how the lord gave them new life. Here is this man telling us how his daughter went to be with the lord. I instantly became sadden and couldn’t even bear the thought of losing my own daughter. Children are so innocent in this world. As he continued his story I began to admire his faith and he gives thanks to the lord for the time he got to spend with her and his faith is stronger than ever. It was an amazing feeling to be able to pray with those whose faith I admire. Faith like nothing I have seen before I see how god works and how he works through his people. No matter where the location or size or look of the church, This did not stop the people from gathering and praising the lord. Mexico has touched my heart and opened my eyes to a greater vision. A vision I hope I can share with my daughter one day. I give thanks to the Lord for giving me the courage and allowing me to see his work. I give thanks to Gulf Winds for giving me this opportunity. I give thanks to ICM who is doing an amazing job. An organization I wish to maintain a relationship with for many years to come.”

– Roxana

” The Vision Trip to Mexico was amazing! It definitely changed my view on many aspects both in my life and the lives of others. The Mexican people were so kind and caring. It was truly touching to come in contact with such gracious and loving people. For having so little they are truly rich spiritually. I am now more thankful for all the freedoms and luxuries I have. I truly believe I received more from the trip than I ever thought. It has been a life changing trip to say the least.”

– Dylan

” There are no words to describe the feeling of going to another country and watching them worship the same way you would here. My experience in meeting the people of Mexico made my heart hurt but at the same time full of joy as they knew we were there to give them hope. Hope for their future worshipping ground and what we could do together for the children of Mexico. To see all of their appreciative faces and desire to worship Jesus left me absolutely speechless. I stepped out of my comfort zone to do something that I’ve never thought I’d do much less go alone. The people that were a part of this group were the most friendliest, loving and admirable people I’ve ever met. They made the whole trip amazing. I truly believe God had a reason for me to be on this trip. He was speaking to me and has been since I’ve been back. It has been put into my heart to help other people. I want to make a difference to one or as many as I can!! Thank you GWI for sending me on this unforgettable trip. It was a life changing experience that I hope to experience again one day.”
–  Stevi

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