Gulf Winds Leaders attend Walmart Women of Excellence Day

Gulf Winds leaders joined a team from the University of Houston, College of Technology, led by Professor Margaret Kidd, to help celebrate “Wal Mart Women of Excellence Day” at the Baytown TX Import DC. Gulf Winds was represented by women leaders, Vanessa Juarez, Houston Terminal Manager, and Lilly Barrientos, Transportation Logistics Manager.

Vanessa shared, “Hearing everyone’s story on how each of us has been successful in our career in a male-dominated industry was impactful! We were able to challenge the group to expand their network and build each other’s brand. It was an honor to represent Gulf Winds and share our experience. It was exciting to be able to empower one another and plant a seed in their lives. It is amazing to see what this program is doing in the lives of many women.  We were also given the opportunity to tour the DC which was incredible to see!”

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