What is a container check digit?

A check digit is used to detect errors in an intermodal shipping container number. The seventh digit of the container number also known as the check digit, is calculated off of the four letters and six digits of the container number. As long as the container number follows the ISO standard, the container number can be entered into a check digit calculator to determine if it is a valid number.

For more information on ISO 6346 intermodal (shipping) containers and check digit calculations, click here

Check Digit Verification
  • MSKU2666542
  • NYKU3086856
  • HLXU1234567
Check Digit Calculation
  • MSKU2666542
  • NYKU3086856
  • HLXU1234567

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Gulf Winds is strategically located across from Houston's Barbours Cut and Bayport container terminals, allowing us to legally haul overweight containers to and from our facilities. This allows our customers to load their containers to maximum capacity creating substantial savings on their ocean and transportation costs.

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Transloading Calculator

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** Based on an average of 7mpg

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