Month: June 2021

Land use efficiency, communication crucial to unclogging inland terminals

Chassis shortage was the topic of conversation at a panel of the Coalition of New England Companies for Trade (CONECT) conference earlier in May. Better communication between shippers, drayage providers, and terminal operators is key to improving the current congested conditions for container movement at interior US cities, agreed panelists including representatives of BNSF Railway, […]

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Despite April freight tonnage decline, trucking demand exceeds capacity

For-hire US motor carriers hauled less freight in April, according to the American Trucking Associations (ATA), but despite this brief lull, trucking demand is expected to continue to exceed supply in the near term. The organization’s for-hire truck tonnage index fell 4.2 percent from March to April on a non-seasonally adjusted basis. One cause could […]

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Drayage drivers quit amidst US rail ramp congestion

Rail intermodal congestion in the Midwest and South Central US has lessened daily productivity for drivers who dray ocean containers in these regions, greatly impacting their pay and causing an alarming number of drivers to quit. Conditions including chassis shortages, terminal congestion, and restrictions on export loads and returning empty boxes have led to drivers […]

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Trucking jobs rise in March, still fall short of pre-pandemic levels

Trucking companies continue to experience a driver deficit, in the face of increasingly high freight demands — as the yearlong US import surge continues unabated and a fast-moving manufacturing recovery adds to the strain on supply chains. The US for-hire trucking sector added 7,800 jobs in March, reversing three months of declining non-seasonally adjusted employment […]

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