JOC Gulf Shipping Recap

As I reflect on the knowledge I learned during the Journal of Commerce (“JOC”) Gulf Shipping Conference in Houston recently, one word consistently comes to mind: People. Harris County Judge, Ed Emmett, so succinctly conveyed that message when he said, “Keep track of those around you, as they make you who you are.”
You may be asking, why would a message about people be at the center of a business-centric, regional, logistics conference?

I answer, everything. People have everything to do with valuable messaging at a regional logistics conference, because the relationships formed throughout the development and growth of both a business and individuals’ careers, are the catalysts that drive our industry forward.

Where better to develop relationships which are positioned to propel the logistics industry forward than at a conference attended by our closest constituents and stakeholders?

According to information communicated at the conference, opportunities for progress, growth, and flexibility will continue to present themselves in our region. Below are some examples that were discussed during a business round-table:

  • The pending effect of tariffs,
  • The value of dedicated partners,
  • Increased service offerings by carriers,
  • Rail connectivity,
  • The ongoing capacity challenges associated with the resin ramp up – yes, it is here!
  • An increased focus on driver retention compared to traditional methods focused solely on recruitment, and
  • The continued development of infrastructure in and around the Gulf ports and the population growth rates within reach of the Gulf ports.

Moreover, attendees learned that Gulf ports have flexible, multi-modal solutions to offer BCOs as it relates to hedging strategies, reduction of transit times and the ease of doing business in the Gulf Region for stakeholders focused on serving a global and diverse customer base. While the aforementioned are critical to long-term sustainability for the logistics industry in our region, none of the initiatives may be achieved without investment in individual, and group, relationships throughout the supply chain.

At Gulf Winds, we focus on putting people first, because we believe that if we get that part right, profitability and growth with follow.

Judge Emmett’s statement at the conference parallels our company sentiment. We too believe the people around you make you the person you are. So much so, that our investment in relationships has been, is, and always will be, a critical component to our past, current, and future successes.

We look forward to the continued development of relationships with our clients and constituents throughout the region, as opportunities to expand our industry and serve people throughout the Gulf Ports are infinite !

A special thanks to the JOC staff for producing yet another successful conference with a direct focus on the development of our industry in the Gulf Region. Great job and we look forward to seeing you again next year!

John Scheschuk | Gulf Winds Vice President – Business Development

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