The Story Behind More Than The Move

The Story:

In 1996, Steve Stewart cashed in his 401k after being laid off during a merger between two major steamship lines. With everything on the line, Gulf Winds International was founded. Originally, GWI was a warehouse provider for the Houston green coffee market, and over time, differentiated itself from its competition with its people, technology, processes, and strategic locations. The warehouse business grew and eventually GWI expanded into trucking to meet its own necessity. Now, in 2017, GWI has 176 employees, 370+ drivers, and 2+ million sq. ft. of warehouse space.

However, the focus of the GWI story has not been that of success, though it has been a great byproduct, the focus of the GWI story has always been: a heart of restoring hope in the lives of people. GWI restored hope in the Stewart family through their faith and God’s amazing financial restoration.  GWI has also provided hope for multiple employee families, and invested millions of dollars in seeing hope restored in the Houston region and around the world.


The Need:

According to most economists, company profitability in America is around 6.5-7 trillion dollars. Furthermore, companies also employ an estimated 140-150 million people. These are staggering statistics!

In addition, we have observed that now, more than ever, employees are longing for a purpose. In fact, Forbes recently released the top three quotes on why employees seek to stay at a company long term:

  1. “My work has special meaning”
  2. “I make a difference here”
  3. “When I look at what we accomplish, I feel a sense of pride”

You combine this wealth, work force, and longing for purpose with the needs of the world, and we believe there is a better narrative that can be supported: working to give rather than working to consume.


Below are some of the needs around the world:

  1. 153 million orphans in the world (this equals almost half of the whole U.S. population)
  2. 800 children, a day, die from poor water and sanitation needs
  3. 3 billion people live on less than $2.50 per day (10x the amount of the U.S. population)
  4. 3 billion people live on less than $1.25 per day (4.3x the amount of the U.S. population)

Our Response:

Our response is to play our part by joining the movement of choosing people over profits. We desire to use our profitability and employee force to partner with life-changing organizations with both financial and volunteer support.

To summarize in four words our mission is… Restoring Hope. Locally. Globally.

We have created the More Than The Move Foundation in support of this mission.

Join us in restoring hope in our region and through the world!

Visit our website

Email our director, Jamie Hampton, to learn more:


Harvey Update:

$102,000 raised

79 families impacted

51 homes helped

36 cars/trucks aided

Thank you for your help! Please see our video below to view the real impact of this effort!



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