Wowo Report October 2010 – Aid Sudan Ministries

Gulf Winds receives update from Wowo (Sudan Village)

October surely was a month of prayer. You all came together with us as we pleaded with our Lord to send masses of radios to southern Sudan. The prayers were regular, they were constant, and they were intense. Daily we begged God to change the masses in Sudan. To me, no prayer was more sweet, and more moving, than that of our little four-year-old. I told Allison about the hand-held radio campaign, and about how the Sudanese couldn’t read the Bible. I explained how these little blue radios would enable them to hear the gospel and be forever changed. She began to pray – frequently and spontaneously – and again and again tears filled my eyes. And our Lord heard…
When I wrote you a week ago, we stood at 2,900 radios ($58,000). Our public goal was 3,250 ($65,000), but my personal goal was 4,000 radios ($80,000). In the end, thanks to your prayers and your advocacy and your sacrificial and generous giving, we landed at… hold onto your seat… 5,201 radios ($104,028)! That will impact up to 78,015 southern Sudanese! What an amazing, incredible, and glorious Lord we serve. I am absolutely blown away by all He has done…
When we began the month, it was with such hope and expectation. And how amazing it has been to see our Lord move! Yet the truth is, it’s really not about the numbers or goals or even the money raised. It’s about the changed lives. It’s about the southern Sudanese in one mud hut after another. It’s about those who have no way to hear the gospel and who are about to receive it for the first time. It’s about those whose eternities are about to be redirected. It’s about the transformation of southern Sudan.
And there’s more good news. Even in the next couple months, there’s a youth group launching a major campaign, a business raising funds for radios, and a Houston-based school getting behind this. There are men and women and children with ongoing plans on how to continue to send radios over to Sudan. What an unbelievable blessing this is to us, and more importantly, to masses of southern Sudanese.
As I sat down to write this note, I had no idea how to adequately say thanks to you. Truthfully, I still don’t. I’m just praying that the Lord Himself will communicate to you the depths of my love for you and gratitude for you. I am completely overwhelmed by all you’ve done. I truly don’t know how to say thanks, but please just know there are tears in my eyes as I write this to you. I am profoundly moved by all you’ve done.
There’s one final prayer request now. There’s unbelievable celebration in our hearts, and unceasing praise to our Lord. But there’s one prayer request that still burns within us. May these radios go forth, may masses of lives in the bush of southern Sudan be forever changed, and may our great God receive all the glory!

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