Mary Helen Martinez

Logistics Coordinator

Mary Helen was born and raised in Southeast Houston. After graduating from Austin High School, she was married and had her first of four children.

After her youngest child was born, Mary Helen began her professional career. Mary Helen spent the first eight years of her career managing medical records, verifying insurance, and serving as a notary.

In 2006, Mary Helen’s career at Gulf Winds began as a referral, and before she knew it, she had transitioned from the medical industry to logistics.

Today, Mary Helen enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren. When she’s not working or shopping, she enjoys taking long walks.

What drew you to Gulf Winds?

One of my former co-workers suggested I apply at Gulf Winds. I got the job, and within a few days, I was learning everything I could about logistics. At first, it was daunting, but my managers and co-workers patiently taught me everything I needed to know. Even during those challenging first days, the people at Gulf Winds made me feel comfortable and eventually confident. I knew I had found someplace I wanted to be.

What are you passionate about?

My family is my passion. My kids, my grand kids, my husband, they are my world. Some years ago, I went through two significant family hardships that left me devastated. Todd, Steve, and all my co-workers gave me such incredible support during that time that work became a healing place for me. I will always be grateful for that.

What excites you most about the work you do?

Every day presents new challenges in our industry. You really get to put your problem-solving skills to the test. At the end of the day, when you leave and you know you found solutions for your customers, you feel great.

What does your future hold?

I just moved into a new house, and I’m looking forward to making many memories with my family there. In a few more years, I will be ready to retire, and the idea of completing my career at Gulf Winds brings me great joy!

If you had one message for our customers and industry partners, what would it be?

My goal is always to give my customers the best service experience possible. I want to make them comfortable and I want them to feel like doing business with Gulf Winds is easy. I care deeply about building trust and relationships with the people I work with every day. Anything I can do to make my customers happy and satisfied is worth my time.