Gulf Winds is committed to providing our clients with dynamic container trucking and transport services that will result in bottom-line savings opportunities. Excellent customer service, superior information processes, custom client solutions and reliable service continue to be the standard by which we operate. As a logistics specialist, we understand the challenges associated with the movement of goods. Our goal is to ease this burden by providing our clients with the tools necessary to make informed business decisions.

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Container Management

gwiTrack® is a complete container and inventory management system that you get for FREE when you use Gulf Winds as your container drayage provider.

With Gulf Winds Import Container Management with gwiTrack® you get end-to-end monitored tracking from port of origin to final destination and with web-based access though our online system, you can view or report on your information from anywhere!

Import Management

Track and manage container and PO information from port of origin through final destination using our proprietary web-based tool, gwiTrack®. gwiTrack provides a tool to manage critical shipment information throughout the supply chain process.

ETA Tracking

Get up to date ETAs automatically. We track your containers through the steamship lines, port terminals and rail terminals to get the most up to date ETA’s keeping you informed of where you container is and when it is expected to arrive.

Arrival & LFD Tracking

Once your container arrives at the final terminal, we capture the last free day and continually monitor for hold. Once your container is available we will contact you to have your container scheduled for delivery.

Hold Monitoring

Receive notifications of holds or delays at the terminal that impact pickup of the container and could cause demurrage charges.

Nationwide Management

We can do ALL of this nationwide! And did we mention that the service is FREE when you use Gulf Winds as your container drayage provider?

Export Management

Gulf Winds Booking Management Services with gwiTrack offers exception based booking management that automatically monitors your bookings and containers from order receipt to receival at terminal.

Booking Verification

Once we receive your booking information and enter it into gwiTrack, the system verifies your booking information against the information set up at the port and automatically notifies us of any discrepancies.

Change Alerts

gwiTrack continues to monitor your booking throughout the entire process and automatically notifies us of any changes that occur such as vessel changes, cutoff changes, and more allowing us to quickly make changes to your loading and delivery schedules.

Peace of Mind

By catching potential issues on the front end, we reduce the chance of missed cutoffs and increased cost due to dry runs, per diem, and chassis usage.



Gulf Winds' operates strategically located transload facilities at The Port of Houston's Barbours Cut and Bayport Container terminals as well as the BNSF intermodal railyard. Our locations allow us to handle up to maximum container capacity, eliminating risks expenses associated with moving overweight equipment.

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 What Is Transloading? 

Transloading is the process of unloading cargo from one piece of equipment and re‑loading it into another piece of equipment for transport.

Why Transload?

  • 30%

    Save up to 30% by cutting out return trips on inland transportation

  • 20%

    Save up to 20% in ocean shipping cost by loading your containers heavy at point of origin.


    Protect your cargo and minimize damages by using air-ride trailers instead of intermodal containers.

Transload Calculator

Gulf Winds is strategically located across from Houston's Barbours Cut and Bayport container terminals, allowing us to legally haul overweight containers to and from our facilities. This allows our customers to load their containers to maximum capacity creating substantial savings on their ocean and transportation costs.

Use the calculator below to see how much money you could be saving per year.

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Trucking Brokerage Services

As with all of our logistical partnerships, Gulf Winds flatbed trucking network will help you ship your products nationwide, on time and intact.


Cargo Weight Guide

Check out our Cargo Weight Guide on Understanding Overweight in Texas. Here, you can find Texas weight laws and a visual guide for loading and hauling in Texas.


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Container Drayage

As the largest container hauler out of the Port of Houston by volume, Gulf Winds' offers unmatched container and intermodal drayage capacity in Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth at both port and rail terminals.

Ask about our Nationwide Container Drayage Management Services. Through our large network of best-in-class port drayage partners we can provide you with one point of contact for all of your import container shipments. Plus with gwiTrack you can track your containers in real time through one convenient online portal.

In order to keep your cargo moving efficiently, Gulf Winds holds certifications and permits to handle just about anything you require.


Gulf Winds operates over 2 million sq ft of warehouse space in the Houston area to handle your transload, storage and distribution needs. We have strategic locations set adjacent to the Port of Houston's Barbours Cut and Bayport container terminals as well as locations adjacent to the BNSF rail ramp and Greensport Terminal.

Gulf Winds can handle an array of different products. We have specialty equipment and project yard space to handle and store anything from palletized to out-of-gauge project or machinery cargo.

Close Proximity

Our strategic locations offer bottom line savings to our customers.

Gulf Wind’s facilities are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are fully permitted and certified.

Energy Services

Houston is the #1 US Port in foreign tonnage and has the capacity to fit your large volume needs.

Gulf Winds specializes in the logistics management of imported oilfield products, ceramic proppants, sands, and guar gum. From port to the field, we develop specific supply chain solutions tailored to meet our customers’ needs, providing reduced transit times and maximizing opportunities to reduce costs.

Experience in the Energy Industry

For many years, Gulf Winds has been providing logistics services for energy companies in the Gulf Region. Products successfully managed include:

  • Proppants
  • Guar Gum
  • Sands
  • Out-of-Gauge Equipment
  • Drilling Muds
  • And More


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Domestic Transportation

As one of the largest out bound shippers in our region, Gulf Winds has the buying power to keep your transportation costs down while also ensuring capacity. In addition to our own fleet, Gulf Winds has partnered with over 1,000 best-in-class carriers and private fleets to provide our clients with turnkey supply chain solutions. Our continued success is based on reliable service, client specific solutions, and proactive communication.

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Reliable Service

The diverse network of carriers provides transportation services throughout the US to and from the South-Central region. Partner carriers are thoroughly vetted for safety, security, and professionalism.

Systems Visiblity

Using the latest transportation software and on-line tools Gulf Winds provides real time visibility to all shipments through our website. No matter if you are moving containers in Kansas City or Truckloads in Tulsa, Gulf Winds has your shipments tracked.

Capacity Solutions

Gulf Winds provides flexible capacity, can accommodate seasonal fluctuations and high volume projects. Gulf Winds works with each client to ensure that their specific needs are met.

Single Source Logistics

One call to Gulf Winds will ensure your transportation needs are met. Our team of logistics experts will work to deliver competitive rates and best in class service with one phone call.

More than the Move

Our Mission is to Glorify God by providing world class logistics services through continual investment in our people, clients, community, and the world we live in. In short, we believe in being MORE than the move.

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Find out more about what Gulf Winds can do for you. Give us a call. Our logistics specialists will talk with you about your specific needs in order to create a customized solution specifically designed to address your individual challenges.