Gulf Wind International's container management tool, gwiTrack, uses booking information from the port and cutting edge technology that allows our clients to easily manage the variables encountered while exporting.

Booking Management. gwiTrack® monitors the booking and automatically sends notification of updates. This includes:

  • Matching shipping documents to port records to identify and resolve any issues prior to delivery.
  • Notification when the containers are turned in at the port and rail terminals.
  • Notification of changes to vessel and cutoff times to allow clients and their shippers to make any necessary adjustments to loading schedules. Customers will save money by being able to react immediately to rolled bookings, vessel receiving schedule, and cutoff changes.

Per Diem Management. Steamship line per diem tariffs are monitored throughout the booking process to ensure clients are able to adapt loading schedules and minimize unnecessary fees. In addition, automated email notifications inform clients of approaching per-diem charges and actual charge estimates throughout the process. Our per-diem management process allows our customers to make informed business decisions regarding loading, transport, shipping and storage of containers.

Ease of Use. Booking and container information can be accessed via an online system or by using automated status reports.

Reports generated by gwiTrack and its automated reporting system include:

  • Notifications of critical action points during shipping
  • Shipping status by container
  • Transit time reports
  • Tracking for multiple carriers
  • Monthly or annual volume reports

gwiTrack provides clients with a powerful tool for its logistics operations.