The industry is changing rapidly and we know it’s not always easy to keep up. At Gulf Winds, we know that each business has its own individual challenges to work through and a single boxed-solution is not always the answer. That’s why our staff of industry leading logistics professionals work with you to document your issues, develop customized solutions, and provide dedicated representatives that manage your cargo from pickup to return.


Chassis’ have become the newest challenge in your supply chain and unfortunately those costs are not going away. As more steamship lines continue to get out of the business, your costs will continue to go up.

Gulf Winds offers several solutions to help you manage your chassis cost:

  • Large chassis fleet including 20’, 40’, and Triaxle
  • Custom systems with dashboard monitoring for chassis tracking and management
  • Online pickup request form for dropped containers
  • Automatic Container Status reports
  • Reconciliation of all chassis charges from leasing companies

For more information on which steamship lines do not provide chassis’, click here.


Per Diem cost may be old hat, but that doesn’t make it easier to manage. Per Diem costs go up every year and even a single day of per diem can put a large dent in your profit. But with Container Management from gwiTrack®, you can be confident that you will never end up with a surprise per diem invoice again.

  • Management of Standard Steamship Line UIIA tariffs. gwiTrack automatically determines free time and the cost if free time is exceeded.
  • Custom Contract Management. We will update your containers with free time based on your contracts.
  • Automatic Notifications. We notify you automatically if your container is still sitting at your location two days before your last free day. And if you choose to hold a container past it’s free time, we will notify you every day of the estimated cost so you can make the best decision for your business.
  • Yard Management. Login to gwiTrack to see containers that are sitting on your yard and what your unload priority is based on free time.


Having issues with storage costs? Gulf Winds has the visibility tools, capacity and drop yards to help you manage your Import containers and reduce your costs significantly.

  • gwiTrack monitors your container automatically from port of origin to final terminal keeping you up-to-date with container location and ETA to terminal.
  • We track the ports and provide you with steamship line and customs release information and with automatic release notifications we are able to schedule and dispatch your containers quickly.
  • Drop yards near all the Houston and Dallas rail and port terminals allow us to quickly pull and hold your containers.