Over-Weight Fines and Enforcement Update on HB 2741

So What? Shippers, Transportation Providers and Intermediaries Beware!
√ DMV now has administrative enforcement rights on loaders or persons causing trucks to be loaded.
√ Overweight axle and gross vehicle fines increased from 66% to 400%.
√ Penalties can now DOUBLE on third offense before anniversary date of violation.


Minimize Exposure to Fines and Penalties! & Be a part of something bigger than logistics!
√ We offer Legal options such as port transloading to accommodate your overweight cargo handling needs.
√ Our fleet of trucks is permitted to haul 10% over legal axle and 5% over legal gross.
√ Our CSA scores and driver turnover rate of 12.9% is among the lowest in our industry ensuring a consistent well trained owner operator pool is available to meet your needs and that of your customers.
√ We offer a complete package of logistics services providing you and your clients with a one-stop-shop for all of your logistical needs.
√ We are committed to investing in the lives of people both here in our community and around the world. Visit our ministries page at http://gulfwinds.21sites.com/about/more-than-the-move.html for details!

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