Houston Inclement Weather Advisory

Torrential rainfall from Tropical Depression Imelda has led to dangerous flash flooding and severe weather across Southeast Texas.
Safety is our top priority and we rely on our drivers to determine if they feel safe operating their vehicle in inclement weather.

We are committed to working diligently through any delays and communicating with you effectively so you can make informed decisions.
We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and hope you have a safe week.


Over-Weight Fines and Enforcement Update on HB 2741

So What? Shippers, Transportation Providers and Intermediaries Beware!
√ DMV now has administrative enforcement rights on loaders or persons causing trucks to be loaded.
√ Overweight axle and gross vehicle fines increased from 66% to 400%.
√ Penalties can now DOUBLE on third offense before anniversary date of violation.


Minimize Exposure to Fines and Penalties! & Be a part of something bigger than logistics!
√ We offer Legal options such as port transloading to accommodate your overweight cargo handling needs.
√ Our fleet of trucks is permitted to haul 10% over legal axle and 5% over legal gross.
√ Our CSA scores and driver turnover rate of 12.9% is among the lowest in our industry ensuring a consistent well trained owner operator pool is available to meet your needs and that of your customers.
√ We offer a complete package of logistics services providing you and your clients with a one-stop-shop for all of your logistical needs.
√ We are committed to investing in the lives of people both here in our community and around the world. Visit our ministries page at https://www.gwii.com/about/more-than-the-move.html for details!