Gulf Winds International provides our clients with the ability to track and manage container and PO information from port of origin through final destination using our proprietary web-based tool, gwiTrack®. By combining information from the port terminals, rail terminals, and the steamship lines, gwiTrack provides a tool for our clients to manage critical shipment information throughout the supply chain process. It also allows our clients to quickly and easily disseminate information throughout their organizations relative to shipment status. Our clients have the information they need to make informed business decisions throughout the supply chain process.

The tools available to manage container movement and storage include:

  • Dashboard Design - Whether you handle one container to one location or thousands of containers to multiple distribution centers, gwiTrack will allow you to better manage labor and make informed business decisions relative to cargo that is moving throughout your supply chain.
  • Notification when the container is ready for pick-up at the port or rail, and when storage charges will begin to accrue. Demurrage management saves shipping costs by eliminating dry runs when the container is not ready and storage charges if the container is not picked up in time.
  • Notification of any holds or delays at the port that will impact release of the container or affect demurrage charges.
  • Tracking of steamship line per diem tariffs, with automatic notification when the cargo needs to be unloaded from the container. When containers need to be held beyond the free time allowed by the steamship companies, gwiTrack will compute the per diem costs to provide the data required to make the best financial decision regarding storage of the cargo.
  • Tracking of custom contract terms with steamship lines for each shipment to manage cargo drops and avoid per diem charges specific to each shipment.
  • Tracking of inbound rail cargo to minimize yard pull and storage costs through gwiTrack's ETA Tracking feature manages inbound containers and provides the data needed to plan labor and receiving schedules effectively.

Complete reporting tools, from online management boards to automatic status reports are included. Monthly and annual volume and transit time reports provide the information to manage cargo and steamship line contracts. With gwiTrack, you can be sure you are making the most effective shipping decisions. Get gwiTrack for FREE when you use Gulf Winds to transport your containers.