As an asset based 3rd party logistics company, Gulf Winds has the unique perspective of being both shipper and carrier. We understand our clients' individual business needs and the importance of pro-active communication. Visit our Cargo Weight Guide to see how we can save you money and why Gulf Winds can help you find the perfect trucking services provider.


As with all of our logistical partnerships, Gulf Winds flatbed trucking network will help you ship your products nationwide, on time and intact. Many of our clients take advantage of flatbed trucking to help with the shipment of large payloads; including, pipe shipping, lumber transportation, over-sized industrial equipment, and more.

Safety and Security. Carriers are vetted through a comprehensive qualification process to ensure safety and security are never compromised. Our system ensures insurance and authority is actively monitored eliminated the risk of using unsafe carriers.

Carrier Partners. The diverse network of carriers provides transportation services throughout the US to and from the South-Central region. Partner carriers are an extension of Gulf Winds and thoroughly vetted for safety, security, and professionalism.


Shipping over-sized pipes is an increasing need for many of our clients. Our strategic port positioning in Houston, TX has given us a strong geographical advantage when servicing the needs of a growing oil & gas industry while matching many destinations with return export shipments.

Contact us today to discuss your pipe hauling needs and visit our Oilfield Logistics page for more information.

Technical network review. Network alignment can be one of your most valuable resources. We will find consistencies within our network load models to find best fit carriers at the best rates to pass along the savings to you.