gwiTrack® from Gulf Winds is a complete container management system that you get for FREE when partnering with Gulf Winds to move your intermodal containers. By tracking shipments from origin to final destination, gwiTrack provides detailed monitoring, tracking and management tools.

See when your containers are available for pickup at the port or rail terminal and find out why they are on hold with Import Management. Monitor bookings and confirm your containers are turned in for cutoff with Export Management. Have containers coming all across the United States? We can monitor those too with our Nationwide Management services!

Paired with our customer service team, Gulf Winds gwiTrack saves you time and money by increasing efficiency and visibility. Receive automatic notifications before your container goes into per diem. View shipment statuses daily with automated Container Status reports or view your own custom dashboard at anytime by logging into our website.

Can you imagine tracking all of these containers manually? The interactive map below shows all of the containers moving throughout the world! Stop manually tracing hundreds of containers a day on port, rail and steamship line sites! Let gwiTrack do the work for you.