Gulf Winds' offers unmatched container and intermodal drayage capacity in Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth at both port and rail terminals. We also offer nationwide container drayage services into a number of other major port and rail terminals around the country through our proprietary container management process.

  • Capacity. With over 275 trucks and a private fleet of equipment including over 150 chassis, tri-axle chassis, combo chassis, flatbeds, drop-decks, and vans, Gulf Winds has the flexibility to meet all of your transportation needs.
  • Strategic Terminal Locations – In Houston, Gulf Winds offers convenient terminal locations adjacent to the BNSF intermodal yard as well as the Port of Houston’s Barbours Cut and Bayport container terminals. In Dallas/Fort Worth, we operate secure yards in close proximity to both the BNSF – Alliance and UP – DIT allowing us to quickly and easily access your cargo.
  • Safety and Security. Gulf Winds secure yards are fully fenced and monitored 24/7 by on-site security through a top-rated security company. Cargo Security is a top priority for our company.
  • Certifications. Gulf Winds is Hazmat and TABC certified with a "Satisfactory" Motor Carrier Safety Rating.
  • Overweight Permits (1547) (Super-Heavy). All of Gulf Winds' owner operators are permitted (1547) through the State of Texas to haul 5% over legal gross and 10% over legal axle weight. It is important to understand that this permit is provided on a per truck basis. In addition, Gulf Winds also has overweight permits through Harris County that allow us to haul overweight containers to our Barbours Cut and Bayport warehouse facilities. These permits allow our clients to maximize cargo weight and save on ocean and transportation costs.
  • Permits and Certifications

    • Smartway Transport Partner
    • Hazmat Certified
    • U.S. Customs Bonded Common Carrier
    • "Satisfactory" Motor Carrier Safety Rating
    • State of Texas Permitted and Bonded to Haul Overweight Containers
    • Permitted by Harris County to Haul Overweight Containers (no weight restrictions) over Barbours Cut Blvd and Port Road
    • TABC Permit # MC 320104-B
    • FHWA # MC 320104-C / USDOT # 690147

    Gulf Winds container drayage services are one element of our suite of services, including transloading, warehousing, domestic transportation services and gwiTrack, a container management system.